Halloween in Japan: My 2019 Review

Halloween in Japan is a week-long event. This year differs from past festivals due to the rugby championships being hosted in the country and new regulations against drinking in public. Still, this year’s Japanese Halloween was amazing. Blink and you might miss the special appearance by Akasan from Comics Plus. Check it out!

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An Okinawan Festival in Yokosuka

Earlier this month, my daughter and I attended another festival in Yokosuka. I’ve previously wrote about Yokosuka and it’s ties to Shenmue in an earlier blog where I alluded to the Icha Icha Festival taking place on Dobuita Street. This time it was held at a park across from Yokosuka City Hall. The Icha Icha […]

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Now, a Father of Two

I’m a dad, again. We recently had a son born fat and healthy. No matter how many children you have, there’s always anxiety associated with child birth. It’s freaking nerve racking. As a man, I can only do my best to provide emotional support to push through the experience… I think that’s the difficult part […]

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