Spider-Man’s Endgame Home

If you read some of the earlier entries in this blog, you’ll know that I have mixed feelings about Spider-Man’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can read about that here. In short, I didn’t like his introduction into Captain America: Civil War. I thought Spider-Man: Homecoming was good in redeeming the concept of a young Peter Parker in this world of super soldiers, assassins and playboy billionaires. Then Far From Home came out the gate as the FIRST Post-Endgame film, pissing me off with it’s idiotic premise.

Don’t get me wrong, the premise of this new spider-man film is just as idiotic.

There would be no movie if Spider-Man didn’t approach Doctor Strange, and if Doctor Strange acted like a reasonable adult and tell Peter Parker that using magic to fix his problems is a bad idea… Alas… The poor decisions of these characters lead to an intensely satisfying movie.

Yeah… I think I love this movie.

But the only reason why I’m fond of this movie is because I have a deep appreciation for the Spider-Man films that came before it. All the villains from the previous films are in this adventure, and their presence elevates this film; especially those from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.

Willem Dafoe returns to play the Green Goblin and he’s intensely scary.

Sometimes I forget that the Green Goblin is the Joker with super strength and a bag of explosives. He’s a very dangerous foe, and in this movie he reminds us why he’s considered Spider-Man’s arch-villain. NOT Venom, the Green Goblin.

I want to say more about this movie, but I think I’m going to leave it there. If you’ve not seen the Spider-Man films directed by Marc Webb and Sam Raimi, your reaction to this film might not be as favorable as mine. I just feel that this movie gives closure to those older films and serves as an extended epilogue to the journey of those characters.

Like I said before, it doesn’t any damn sense…

But it was great to see many of those legacy characters once more for fitting finale.

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