My First Modeling Job in Japan

Most foreigners residing in Japan are either here as an English teacher, actor or model, or a university student. Many are even a combination of the three. Of course you’ll find outliers who’re probably in big business or government work. So when I say, “I worked my first gig modeling in Japan”, it must be noted […]

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An Okinawan Festival in Yokosuka

Earlier this month, my daughter and I attended another festival in Yokosuka. I’ve previously wrote about Yokosuka and it’s ties to Shenmue in an earlier blog where I alluded to the Icha Icha Festival taking place on Dobuita Street. This time it was held at a park across from Yokosuka City Hall. The Icha Icha […]

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Now, a Father of Two

I’m a dad, again. We recently had a son born fat and healthy. No matter how many children you have, there’s always anxiety associated with child birth. It’s freaking nerve racking. As a man, I can only do my best to provide emotional support to push through the experience… I think that’s the difficult part […]

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