Working Out With DJ Mammy [Video]

Lord knows I love a good workout~!

This video was shot during late summer. I met DJ Mammy during while hanging out with Charlie shooting an earlier video. She works at his gym. I asked her if she wanted to work out together and we spent the afternoon lifting weights and telling stories.

I found out she’s an aspiring DJ who has a deep affinity for American rap music. Aside from her desires to develop her craft as a disk jockey, Mammy also wants to be a fitness model.

In November, she was supposed to compete in her first fitness competition. That’s where the posing comes in during the video. Posing is a big component of fitness competitions and I mentioned how Arnold d Schwarzenegger emphasized the art of posing during his run as Mister Universe. In the movie Pumping Iron, he is shown taking ballet classes to better develop his movement for body building competitions.

So we worked on primal movements. Our workout consisted of bench presses, push presses, deadlifts and squats. Although for the squat portion in the end, I allowed her to dictate the movement for that workout. We did kettlebell squats followed but jump squats.

I’ve not been to a gym since this day, but it was definitely a great session. Honestly, I’ve been too busy to put any time into physical fitness as of late.
But of course, I have plans for putting in hard work in the future.

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