Hanging Out at the Gym in Tokyo With Charlie (Video)

It’s time to take a break from sharing dad adventures and shift bro-date content. I made a rare trip up to Tokyo to hang out with my friend Charlie from Shirobear TV. He invited me to workout at his gym, Anytime Fitness, and hang out after. Not only is it rare for me to head up to Tokyo, I only ever go for work, but it’s even rarer for me to go to a gym. I’m proud of the equipment I’ve curated for myself at home, but if ever there was a reason to step into a fitness club, it’s to socialize among friends.

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A Day at Enoshima [Video]

Enoshima is definitely one of my favorite local treasures. Whenever I have friends or family in the area, I’ll drive them to this beach town to witness the beauty of the Shonan Coast. The weather was so amazing, you could see Mt.Fuji in the distance. Many people travel to Enoshima to watch the sunset behind the mountain. Sit back. Relax. And enjoy this short video of an Enoshima adventure day with the kids.

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Losing Out on Spring in Japan [Video]

Life after quarantine in Japan. Things are starting to feel like life is going back to normal. But along with the summer comes the rain season. So once again, we’re forced indoors to avoid gloomy weather and unbearable humidity. In this video, I go on a hike through Kurihama Flower Park while discussing recent updates on life in the Kanagawa area.

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An Impromptu Photoshoot in Harajuku, Japan [Video]

Wow. It feels like forever ago when I shot this video, but it was just earlier this year. The public health crisis was slowly creeping around the world, but the streets of Japan were still lively with folks living their lives. As the situation developed, many of my projects were put on hold. But now that things are gradually shifting back to normal, it’s nice to finally revisit and put this out to the world.

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Tokyo Comic Con 2019: Geek Culture from Japan

I have a confession to make, Tokyo Comic Con is the only comic book convention I’ve ever attended. I’ve heard about the chaos at fan conventions back in America, I’m sure they’re lovely. My perspective and experiences are narrower. Tokyo Comic Con is small, intimate, and of course, fun. It retains all the trimming of a convention with Japanese charm added to the mix. This year we had a star-studded cast of celebrity guests at this year’s show; Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Rupert Grint, Zachary Levi and Ian Somerhalder. The boldest line-up since the inaugural show four years ago.

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Halloween in Japan: My 2019 Review

Halloween in Japan is a week-long event. This year differs from past festivals due to the rugby championships being hosted in the country and new regulations against drinking in public. Still, this year’s Japanese Halloween was amazing. Blink and you might miss the special appearance by Akasan from Comics Plus. Check it out!

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