Tokyo Comic Con 2019: Geek Culture from Japan

Tokyo Comic Con took place this past Sunday. I’m impressed with myself and how fast I put together this video.

Originally, I was going to produce this video as a silent short but as I was editing the video, I realized I had more to showcase.

I had a wealth of amazing footage from the costume contest and celebrities giving their end of day goodbyes. Doubling the video length turned out to be easy.

From left to right: Tadanobu Asano, Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Logan, Rupert Grint, Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo, Jude Law, and Chris Helmsworth.

Without a doubt, this year’s Tokyo Comic Con was a success.

This was my second time attending Tokyo Comic Con. I went in 2017 to meet Stan Lee and skipped 2018. In my opinion, I think the ticket price for the convention is a bit steep. I only attended this year because asked for my help with his videography. We received press passes and were able to enjoy the convention from the perspective of industry insiders.

I think the one thing I love about Tokyo Comic Con is the size of the convention. Its a new convention that’s only been in operation for the past few years. Unlike the grandness of Tokyo Game Show which is held in multiple buildings, Tokyo Comic Con is held in a single hall.

It’s a very intimate fan convention.

While I’ve never been to New York or San Diego Comic Con, I hear that the event is exceptionally crowded. Moving from point to point entails navigating through rough crowds hoping not to bump into someone and losing something in the process.
Tokyo Comic Con is way more calm.

I love the costumes. People take great pride and care into portraying their favorite characters at Comic Con. We were able to gain front row seats for the Cosplay Contest and got to see the competitors express themselves on stage.

The winner of the contest, as seen in the video, turned out to be a Marine from Okinawa. He rigged an Iron Man suit with electronics that required him to have friend acting as a walking battery pack for the suit.

I love Tokyo Comic Con.

I hope to continue to attend the event as part of press in the future. We’ll see.
Tokyo Comic Con will always have a special place in my heart, it was my first Comic Con. One that allowed me the opportunity to take a picture with the great Stan Lee.

Have you been to comic book convention before? If so, where?

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