Zushi Beach Candle 2019: Seaside Illumination

Every year at the end of summer, the city of Zushi hosts an event an the nearby beach. The community comes together to setup candle designs that create a illuminated scene by the water. Zushi is a small town along the shonan coast, overshadowed by more touristy destinations like Kamakura, Enoshima and Odawara. It’s mostly residential here, making Zushi Beach a hidden gem of Mainland Japan.

There are quite a few events held at the Zushi Beach that bring in outside interests. This year, I learn that there’s a week-long film festival hosted during the spring.

The festival area is open all day with a movie showcased to end each night. Each evening’s film has a different theme; kids’ night, English night, anime night, musicals and more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time to check out a film, my good friend Marta was in town at the time; more about that here.

I’m starting to identify the value Japanese people put into ambiance and the feeling of serenity.

I say that because Zushi Beach Candle is a free event. It costs nothing to just show up and absorb the scene. The sound of the waves. The smell of the beach. Accented by the flickering of the candles that were meticulously positioned to create a variety of designs.

The Beach Candle event is a must see if you live in the area. The whole community comes out to help in the setup. If you check out their Facebook page, you can clearly see me in some pictures helping out while wearing my wine-colored t-shirt.

I’m sure you can tell from my video, I enjoyed it. I’m always looking for new ways to keep my daughter engaged, and this was a solid daddy+daughter adventure.

Zushi Beach is the kind of place I’d recommend to anyone all year around. I visit often. Bring a grill and barbecue during the winter or go swimming in the summer.

What’s your favorite beach in Japan? Currently, Zushi is my number two.
Let me know in the comment section below!

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