Frozen 2 Gets Woker

Ask my wife. Ask my friends. I’m no fan of Frozen. The film premiered in 2013 during a great time of transition for me. I don’t think I saw Frozen until a few years after its release. knew the songs. Let it Go is more than a Disney song; it was EVERYWHERE.

When I finally got around to seeing Frozen, I thought it was a let down.

To this day, I feel that it’s NOT a good movie. It’s great for kids. My daughter loves it, but I’m not a fan.

Today was a rainy day in Yokosuka. So my wife and I got the kids together and headed over to the theater for a rare movie day.

We don’t go to the movies often. I think the last film we saw as a family was The Incredibles 2. It’s not that we don’t like going to the theater, it’s just easier to watch movies at home. But our daughter loves frozen, and the price for admission is super cheap, so we went ahead to catch this one on the big screen.

It’s weird when you prime yourself up to hate something, only to turn around and fall in love.

Surprise. I loved Frozen 2. To me, this sequel elevated the property. From a cheese fest story of sisterly love, to one that emphasized the importance of responsibility and truth.

Frozen 2 is most visually satisfying animated film. I’ve not felt this way about a KIDS MOVIE since Into the Spider-Verse.

Elsa’s powers are dope. Seeing her self-actualize on screen is as memorable as seeing Mile Morales taking the leap of faith off a skyscraper.
So how is Frozen 2 woke?
There’s an underlying message about trust and fear pertaining to nation states. Bigotry and necessary act of correcting generational mistakes. It’s faint. It’ll no doubt shoot right over children’s heads, but I have the deepest amount of respect for making that a theme of the movie.

The musical numbers are also great. Moreso than any other Disney film, I felt as if I was watching a Broadway production.

While Elsa her amazing musical moments, other characters get to shine in unexpectedly pleasant ways. Every sequence culminates into an ending that pays off and feels satisfying.

What I loved most was watching my daughter REACT to the movie.

Watching children’s content at home is starkly different than in a theater full of other children. When the kids laughed at on-screen shenanigans, I could see the validation in my daughter’s face. That’s the magic of the movie going experience.

Frozen 2 is a dope film. If you haven’t seen it yet, I enthusiastically recommend this flick for both adults and children.

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