Catching Up With an Old Friend in Japan

This was definitely the roughest video I’ve put together. It retains many rough cut elements that I probably should’ve taken more time to figure out. The music doesn’t loop as smoothly, frame rate issues are present and I feel the ending isn’t as strong as it’s beginnging. But that’s okay.

The thing about artistry, we’re never quite finished with a project. What might seem incomplete to us may very well appear outstanding to others.

Marta’s laughing fit in the beginning of the video was brought on because of a candid interaction at a train station. I told her that if you press the call button at the train pass machine, an attendant would pop their head out of a little window to assist us. She didn’t believe me, so I pressed the button.

She maintained her composure during the entire interation, but broke into uncontrollable laughter when the attendant left. It was infectious.

This is what I enjoy about living overseas. Eventually everything becomes mundane to me, but fascinating to others.

Marta’s reactions to life in Japan was one of many reasons why I chose to start writing about my experiences here, and producing videos to share. Fun fact, Marta took the pictures that’re used on the header of this website. They were taken at a digital art musuem in Odaiba. I liked them so much, I designed Obsidian Perspective around those photos.

Until recently, I hadn’t seen Marta in nearly ten years. It was great catching up with her and introducing her to the family. Showing her around and observing her reaction to the sights.

I forget that many of my friends back home don’t travel much. Fewer even hold a passport. There’s so much to see and experience in the world, I would encourage you to take the leap. Of course there are things to consider, your financial situation, available leave time and personal variables. I get it. The American working class has it rough, but we have to find ways to inspire ourselves. Stop making excuses for why we can’t go on a trip overseas. Despite her initial anxiety, Marta did it, you can do it to. Go to the post office. Get a passport. Buy a plane ticket. Expose yourself to new cultures and experiences. Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up With an Old Friend in Japan

  1. Thank you JT for the wonderful memories and your kindness. If you ever come to Atlanta, you have a place to stay. Thank you for making my girl’s dream come true with your generosity and spirit.

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