An Okinawan Festival in Yokosuka

Earlier this month, my daughter and I attended another festival in Yokosuka.
I’ve previously wrote about Yokosuka and it’s ties to Shenmue in an earlier blog where I alluded to the Icha Icha Festival taking place on Dobuita Street. This time it was held at a park across from Yokosuka City Hall. The Icha Icha Festival is an Okinawan themed event that apparently translates into “drunk meeting.”

The name of the festival is well suited, when you consider that Orion Draft Beer sponsors the event. They’re an Okinawan brewery that makes a Belgian styled ale. I wouldn’t consider myself a beer aficionado, but it’s similar in taste to Blue Moon.

It weather was perfect for another daddy daughter adventure. I love taking her to these festivals because they’re a free source of entertainment. While there’s an abundance of drinking that occurs at the festival, I assure you it’s family friendly.

The Icha Icha Festival has a strong musical presence that I want to expose my daughter to. They have taiko drum performances throughout the day that echo off the buildings. I think it’s best to expose my children to this stuff. By the end of the day, she was asking for a drum set of her own.

And of course, they have food vendors. While these festivals are free, it’s important to carry cash (because this is Japan after all) to purchase snacks from the various vendors.

So we got some shaved ice and watched the performances. She opted for mango.

In the future, we hope to visit Okinawa one day. From what I hear it’s like a whole new Japan down there.

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Have you been to Okinawa?

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