Our Beautiful Babies: Side by Side

My daughter and son have birthdays close together. We just finished annual checkups for both kids and it turns out they’re big for age. Of course. I am not a small person and neither is my wife.

When I look at my daughter today, I am often blown away at how different she looks when compared to her pictures as a toddler. This leads me to wonder if my son will undergo the same changes.

Today, I want to look at baby pictures. Pictures of my son today and my daughter yesteryear. Both around the same age, cute and cuddly.

So what do you think? Do they look alike? I think what’s most fascinating are the differences between temperament and sleeping patterns. Our daughter is an excellent big sister. She looks out for her brother and helps with the chores.

What blows my mind, is the thought that this is only the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Babies: Side by Side

  1. Up and down, in and out, children are amazing. And the journey to adulthood is filled with adventure. Awesome. We hope to get some quality time in while they are only 3 time zones away!

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  2. They indeed are beautiful babies! One of them now a young lady, the other soon to be a toddler! In retrospect, time does fly. Don’t blink


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