Artist Alley Cyber: Midori no Fukuro

I want to do something new and recommend another creator for you to check out.

Midori No Fukuro is an illustrator operating out of New York City. I was initially introduced to his work through my affiliation with Akasan and the Comics Plus brand.

Midori took it upon himself to create character illustrations of us. His work is much more than fan art. When a professional cartoonist drew a caricature of me, it wasn’t fan art.

Midori contacted me on Instagram and informed me that he was working on an illustration of me. Just from the screenshot he sent, I knew it was going to be something amazing.

We collaborated a bit to make some adjustments to the image, and
I absolutely love his interpretation of me. I’m presented as a sage-like being in a meditative state. I also love that he incorporated my hat and glasses.

He eventually created an illustration for the remaining personalities from the photoshoot.

And as you can see, my character is in a new pose.

I really do appreciate Midori’s work; please check out his Instagram.
His page is filled with outstanding illustrations.

Keep it coming~! If you have artwork that you want me to shout out, send it my way and I’ll put it up on the site. Renditions of me are a plus~!

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