Living in Japan Amidst the Coronavirus Threat

Initially, I was going to write an extensive essay on the situation here in Japan, but I feel that the video I produced is enough. The world is in a panic, and I think it’s best to remain alert and continue to watch as the situation develops.

Below are some other videos that I found interesting on the subject.

Here’s a link to the World Health Organization’s information on the coronavirus: WHO-Coronavirus

One thought on “Living in Japan Amidst the Coronavirus Threat

  1. Pretty good! We are currently in FL, visiting cousins and friends before embarking on the cruise through the Panama Canal. Yes, we are going on a Princess cruise, which has already had two sick ships. One was outside Yokohama, the other outside San Francisco. We have sailed with them several times and had not problems. We believe they have changed their staff practices and will. It transfer any sold staff to the new cruise or allow any continuing passengers on our cruise. We remain vigilant with hand washing and self monitoring. We anticipate a good time!

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