An Impromptu Photoshoot in Harajuku, Japan [Video]

Wow. It feels like forever ago when I shot this video, but it was just earlier this year. The public health crisis was slowly creeping around the world, but the streets of Japan were still lively with folks living their lives. As the situation developed, many of my projects were put on hold. But now that things are gradually shifting back to normal, it’s nice to finally revisit and put this out to the world.

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An Emptier Spring-time Harajuku

Recently, I found myself in the Harajuku area capturing footage for a project I’ve been working on. Because Japan hasn’t been rocked as hard as other parts of the world by the global health crisis, I forget how much things have changed. Instead of dwelling in the darkness, I wish to display the things that are still good or interesting in our world today.

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