Gearing Up For the American Unknown

Today is election day. Yay~!
But for those of us in the military community, it’s just another work day. My daughter didn’t have school but my wife had work. So we took advantage of the fact that our son was at day care and had lunch as a trio; something that doesn’t happen often.

Mommy, daddy and daughter had Subway sandwiches in the car.

As we were talking, my wife mentioned that one of her co-workers was asking where she could vote today. A question like that on a day like today is very alarming. Active duty service members should have already received and sent back their absentee ballots. Today is not the day to be asking that kind of question. But that co-worker is one of many Americans who don’t vote for a variety of reasons.

Miseducation and procrastination combined with voter suppression keeps people in the dark.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other night and came across another example. One the hosts openly admitted to never having voted before and not being registered. A working comedian in New York City who just doesn’t have the inclination to participate in the process. It seriously boggles my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally aware of the system.

I understand that on a mathematical level, the vote of someone from New York or California is insignificant when compared to voters from other states. But that shouldn’t dissuade folks from participating. Because what I’m hearing, are negative trends. Folks who don’t vote in the presidential election also aren’t paying attention to their local elections. Folks are sitting around wondering why their roads are jacked up and their school systems are trash because they have no clue whose representing them.

I’ve tried to do what I can in my circle.

I’ve engaged with my friends and sent them the links to register for their absentee ballots. Shared, shared and shared some more. We’ll see what happens. New York City businesses are currently bordering up their windows and prepping for the chaos to ensue.
I pray for civility in our future, but I’m sure no one’s listening.

Stay safe out there.

One thought on “Gearing Up For the American Unknown

  1. I’ve always considered voting to be an obligation. You have to have skin in the game, to be a participant in the community. I am troubled seeing and hearing about so many younger people not wanting to engage, to make a difference, whatever that might be. What happened to our being a village and raising our children to be responsible adults.
    Glad you are doing your part!

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