Obsidian Perspective 2020: Dawn of a New Decade

This headline came to mind so fast, I’m sure its derived from something hidden in my sub-conscious.
Anyway, I can’t explain why I’m so excited for this year. I just am. There’re many things I want to do with my website and YouTube channel, so I figured a brand new trailer video would help kick off this new year and new decade. Why wasn’t this published on the 1st? Because my birthday is at the end of the month. In my mind, the new year doesn’t start until my birthday comes and goes.

After taking most of December and January off from writing blogs or editing videos, I feel rusty.

So what should you expect from Obsidian Perspective in 2020?

  • I’m going to be making changes to the website. Nothing drastic, but I’ve had it in mind to perform some maintenance to the website in hopes of making it more accessible for me and my readers.
  • I’ve considered launching a membership platform. Something that allows folks to support Obsidian Perspective if they were willing. In return, supporters would receive exclusive perks and content.
  • Admittingly, I’ve been dormant on social media. I plan on being more proactive with posts on Instagram and Facebook. More photos and “stories.”
    Unfortunately, I refuse to use twitter is still a no for me.
  • I want to do more “slice of life” vlogs of life in Japan. I plan on making videos focused on a normal day in Japan, from my viewpoint.
  • I also plan on proof reading my work. Currently, this passion project is a one person operation. Which means I don’t always take a final look at my work before publishing. This year, this decade, I’ll take my time when writing and editing.

There’s so many crazy ideas in my head that I wish to do. But I also understand the importance of keeping things simple. At the end of the day, I see Obsidian Perspective as a place where you can consume vignettes of my life. I’ll do my best to remain consistent.

Thank you and subscribe for more~!

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