Ten Good Years Down, a Lifetime Ahead

Ten years ago, I spent my first and only New Years Eve in the center of Time Square. I used my newly acquired government credentials to finesse my way past NYPD checkpoints to the media area where Jennifer Lopez performed live for television. Ten years ago, I had no idea where my life would take me. I left my hometown in search of a new life. A better life. Indeed, I found it.

So much has happened in the past ten years.
I served my country.

I started and finished college, earning a master’s degree.

I found love.

And became a father.

I’ve gained so much in the past ten years; still, my journey continues onward.

Looking back at old pictures, it’s easy to see how much I’ve changed physically. But it’s the changes made to the world around that’s most important. My family, my education and career choices.

Twenty twenty is bound to be an awesome year, based on it’s numbering alone.

Hopefully when we reconvene here in the next ten years, Obsidian Perspective will still exist. I enjoy dumping my thoughts on this site. I also enjoy the video’s I’ve created for the Youtube channel. I already have a few video ideas for the new year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next years bring.

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